I won’t betray his trust
Though people say I must
I’ve got to be true, just
As long as he needs me 

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In spite of possible deep hurts along the way, how do you think life has treated you?
I get up each morning and say, “Thank you, God.” I never go to sleep at night without saying again, “Thank you, God!” Does that answer your question? 

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Marlene Dietrich photographed by Edward Steichen, 1931

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Coco Chanel by Mark Shaw

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Katharine Hepburn by Clarence Sinclair Bull, 1942

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The Misfits (1960)

It would be damned as special, “artistic.” It had a stubborn integrity. The characters resembled broken-down actors. Famous faces yet not themselves. You looked at Gay Langland and thought Wasn’t he once Clark Gable? You looked at the blond Roslyn and thought Wasn’t she Once Marilyn Monroe? You looked at the battered rodeo performer Perce Howland and thought My god! He used to be Montgomery Clift. [X]
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In addition to faith in God, I have faith in the future. No matter how bad things look at the time we’re gong through them, we do get through the dark days, and somehow, with time, they don’t seem quite so bad.
- Barbara Stanwyck 

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"My father loved my mother madly and when she died, he went gypsy. I was raised by strangers, farmed out. There were no rules or regulations. Whoever would take me for five dollars a week, that’s where I was. So I really didn’t have any family." 
     She learned to live on the streets and to make the best of it. "We never played games, I never cared for games anyway. The only game I can remember playing is the game of fighting." She learned at a young age that her survival was based on self-preservation.
     She was the leader of any gang she and her brother played with. Despite her quietness, the other children would turn to her when they were hurt or bullied. She never failed them. 


William Holden and Barbara Stanwyck on the set of Golden Boy, 1939
     When doubts were expressed about keeping Holden, Stanwyck went to bat for him. Then after a hard day’s work she began spending a half hour or so running lines with Holden for the next day. She tried to relieve tension for him and when he was having trouble she would say encouraging things about something that had gone well. 
    At the 50th Academy Award Ceremony, where Stanwyck and Holden were to present an award together, the audience welcomed two favorites warmly, and when the applause had abated, Holden announced:
     ”Before Barbara and I present this next award, I’d like to say something. Thirty-nine years ago this month we were working on a film together called Golden Boy, and it wasn’t going well because I was going to be replaced. But due to this lovely human being and her interest and understanding and her professional integrity and her encouragement and, above all, her generosity, I am here tonight.”
     Stanwyck had not expected this deviation from the script, and she was overcome. Her eyes filled with tears and she stammered, "Oh, Bill, you didn’t tell me you were…" and hugged him to hearty applause.

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The beauty of Elizabeth Taylor in the 1954 film, The Last Time I Saw Paris.

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An endless list of fictional or historical “characters” I can’t help but worship→ Marie Antoinette

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Katharine Hepburn listens amusedly as her niece Patricia tells her a secret during a Jackson Five concert in Madison Square Garden. New York, 1981.