Patti LuPone performs in concert at 54 Below on July 21, 2014

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Tallulah Bankhead

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Bisexual Actors of Old Hollywood (with links)




marlon brando, humphrey bogart, joan crawford, james dean, greta garbo, cary grant, katharine hepburn, paul newman, laurence oliver, anthony perkinsspencer tracy

Didn’t we already establish that this book’s author is full of bull shit? Garbage.

OPEN YOUR EYES. EVERYONE WAS QUEER IN OH. you’re coming off homophobic as fuck right now. accept that your faves were queer.

yooo can i just input that based on all the reliable biographies i’ve read.  I’m 90% sure bogie wasn’t bisexual, that rumour came from a book by darwin porter(read the man’s books and you’d understand what crazy bullshit it is). i literally cackled for hours at the book because it was THAT bad. It used to be on google books so I had screenshots but idk what happened to them, but he said lots of stuff, stuff he would literally have had to been in the room to have known. It was at the point where he would write Bogie’s thoughts. It was literally like a fanfiction gone wrong. and idk about w/e this drama is on my dash and i couldnt care less tbh, i just thought i’d input some facts and I really don’t give a shit what actors were gay/bisexual/straight/etc. False information is just a total pet peeve of mine. 

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Hedy Lamarr served cakes at the Hollywood Canteen 

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Ginger and Lela Rogers on the set of ‘The Major And The Minor’.


Barbra Streisand // London, 1966.

HQ copies: {x} {x}

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Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda in The Mad Miss Manton, 1938

It pisses me off when people steal other people’s posts, congrats u saved my friend’s edit and reposted it 

"She was the type of Broadway actress that they don’t make anymore" - Patti LuPone Remembers Elaine Stritch

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—Katharine Hepburn on Lauren Bacall, The Making of the African Queen  (via melinaleigh03)While we’re looking at people, let’s look at Betty. I kept looking at her and looking at her. In the first place, she is young and has lovely tawny skin and she has the most fabulous sandy hair. Beautiful whether it’s straight or curled….her sleepy-slanty green eyes and her common-sense look and her lost voice and her lanky figure…I gazed at her and wondered whether I’d go mad with jealousy as I compared our ages - our skin - our hair - our natures.
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Lauren Bacall, 1944, a fashion model before she was a movie star


"I just really loved Spence—he—well I said to him just the other day—You know my friend—you just get to me—and he did—I was lucky—"

Katharine Hepburn in a letter to J. J. Cohn dated June 12, 1967

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Greta Garbo in a costume test for Queen Christina, 1933 (x)

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Barbara’s a sharer. She doesn’t get any bang out of life if she can’t give something to somebody. Once, back in New York, a woman with a new baby sent her a note. She was hard up and she wanted to know if Barbara would help her get a baby carriage. That was all she wanted. What she got was the carriage and everything that went with it, the whole layette of baby clothes and equipment. On top of that, Barbara called up a dairy and arranged for that kid to have an order of milk every day for a year. She never met the woman or saw the baby. And that was before Barbara hit it big in Hollywood.
Sometimes she’s just sitting reading and she spots a hard luck item in the paper. “Here, Buck - take care of it.” “Look,” I’ll argue. “You aren’t the U.S mint; you aren’t Rockefeller. You’ll get broke. That makes her mad. “Take it out of the book. What’s the book for?” The Book is cash for household expenses. It takes an awful beating most of the time, because the Queen cares about folks who aren’t getting the breaks.
- Uncle Buck

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I don’t like categories….they say, this one is the second Garbo, that one is the second Bogart. There are no seconds. You are what you are, everyone is an individual.

~Lauren Bacall

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Clara Bow in Wings, 1927

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