One night in 1953, Bogie, John Huston and some other friends were shooting the breeze rather tipsily about life and its meaning and the question arose as to whether there was any time of their lives they’d like to live over again. All of them except Bogie came up with cynical answers. Somebody said, “God forbid”. Somebody else: that he’d only like to cancel out a couple of times. Then Bogie spoke. “Yes, there’s a time I’d like to relive- the years that I have had with Betty.”

-Joe Hyams, Bogart & Bacall.

I was a kid in love for the first time. I was easy for me - I knew nothing about pitfalls. I was giving nothing but myself and I could do that without qualm. Never in my life had or has a man cared so much for me, wanted so much to protect me, surrond me with life’s joys, share everything. It made me want to return the care- to show him it was possiblle to be really happy with a woman, to give him children. I was determined to do that.

-Lauren Bacall

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